EQ Seasons Row-A-Long Begins

Today is the first day of the long-awaited EQ Seasons Row-A-Long. 
We have been working on this Row-A-Long for quite a few months. 
This Row Along is being hosted at Seams To Be Sew by Marian Pena. 
You can click the Row-A-Long icon below to connect to her site and 
get all the information about all the giveaways and happenings.

Below is the list of design participants and the day each of them reveals their row. The giveaway rafflecopters are below this list. Read all of the rules for the giveaways and have fun!

My block reveal and EQ7 tutorial will be found here on my blog from Sept. 22 through Sept. 29. 
And on October 6 I will show you what I created using my blocks and some of the other designers' blocks, so be sure to come back then. 

September 1, 2015   
September 8, 2015
September 15, 2015 
September 22, 2015
September 29, 2015

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3-2-1 EQ7 Seasons Row Along Countdown is On

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TUESDAY is the day! September 1 begins the event we designers have been working toward for months. And, we hope you have been anxiously awaiting for a few weeks. We are encouraged by those of you who have joined the Facebook page, where we have given hints, found out where you all are from, and more. We will give you answers to any questions that might arise as you make your own rows into those beautiful quilted creations. Remember, you don't have to own EQ7 to get the patterns, but we used the program to design the rows and quilts you will see. There are giveaways happening throughout the 6 weeks so don't forget to visit all the designer sites and enter for your chance to win some mighty spiffy items. 

September 22 begins my reveal week and I wanted to give you a few little hints of what I have in store. Can you imagine what my block/row is and what season I have?

A little applique.

The flowers look much better with the circle stitching in the centers.

I am adding a row to the bottom to create a bed runner.
And a row is going to be added to the top, too.

And to start you off on 
Tuesday, September 1, 
here is the line up:

September 1, 2015   
September 8, 2015
September 15, 2015 
September 22, 2015
September 29, 2015


T-Shirt Quilt

Val's Quilting Studio

In early August I spent a weekend at my daughter's apartment. She wanted to work on a t-shirt quilt for her boyfriend. It is so fun to work together with her on sewing projects.

Previously, she had cut the shirts to one standard size (16" square) and put woven interfacing on each of them. (I use woven interfacing because it truly stabilizes the stretchiness of the knit shirts.) 
She wanted to use as many of his shirts as we could, so we decided to make the back and front with the shirts.

We laid out the shirts in a pleasing and organized manner--middle school mostly reds and high school golds and blacks. She took photos of the arrangements in case we got confused when sewing each seam. 

Her boyfriend did not like the look of all the quilting going over the shirt fronts, so we decided to sew the front and the back as their own quilt top and join them by matching the block corners and tie the corners and the middle of each seam line with pearl cotton. She tied after we got the binding on the layers. (A layer of polyester batting was used between the front and back of the quilts for a bit of fluffiness--and I will say it is going to be a warm quilt.)

Her boyfriend was very pleased with the finished quilt. I heard he was using it to keep warm this evening with our below 60 degree temperatures in Michigan.

LOOKING for my FREE Turtle Pincushion Pattern?  CLICK HERE.

Pincushion Swap and Free Pattern

I joined BeaQuilter's pincushion swap for July-August-September 2015. 
I  made and received pincushions for/from the July and August swap partners. 

I look forward to the September deliveries. 
I am not sure what type of pincushion I will make for September.
I have a number of them on my Pincushion Board on Pinterest.

Here are the two I sent.

To Monika in July

To Judy in August
I designed the pattern for the turtle 
and if you click HERE you can download my free pattern 
from PatternSpot.com. 

If you download the pattern, 
please leave me a comment or send an email - patchworkbreeze(at)gmail(dot)com - telling me where you live (state or country is enough). 

And the two I have received.

From Monika in July (top and bottom)
From Pauline in August

I want to remind you that in just ONE WEEK we begin

20 designers have created quilt patterns for wonderful rows 
for you to download...FREE!
There are giveaways from wonderful sponsors. 

And a Facebook group you can join HERE.    Put in your request to join. 
My day of reveal will be Sept. 22, 2015. 


Back in the Loop

Yes, I have been out of the loop for days now. I am back and trying to focus on quilting.

Last week I spent 4 days at AQS Quilt Week in Grand Rapids. This was my 4th year to go. I am glad I live only 40 minutes away. I am able to stay with relatives, so it makes the drive less (and not as early getting up). 

I had a lovely time visiting the quilt exhibits and vendors on the first day. Here are a few of my favorite quilts. These were part of the AQS Ultimate Guild Challenge by Happy Heart Quilters of Louisville, KY. The guild challenged its members to design a flower seed packet of the quilter's choice. They titled it Flower Seed Packets

The other days I took classes. 

In Reeze Hanson's class called Curved One-Patch Machine Piecing without Pins I finally learned a method to machine sew curves - and I really did not have to use pins! I discovered that using the AccuCut for all those apple core and clamshell pieces is the way to go. I tried with the acrylic templates and rotary cutter and it was a chore and not accurate. Now to save some money for the system.

These are the apple core pieces I cut out with the acrylic templates and decided to hand sew them because they are not all exactly true to size. The fabric slipped as I cut each side. I know with hand stitching I can tweak them to make them work. I have 35 pairs sewn and 17 more pairs to go--unless I decide to cut more! 

I have been getting Reeze's email newletter for years now. She designs the most wonderful BOM each year. I have not yet made any of them, but have collected the patterns and will be starting one this winter. I wanted to meet Reeze and introduce myself because she is one of the designers involved in the EQ Seasons Row-Along with me and 18 other designers. She is a very nice and lively person.  

She had a lecture titled Inspiration is in the Air.  And what can I say but, "It was inspiring." It got me excited to devote more time to my EQ7 program (I added the EQ Stitch component 2 years ago). I will be looking everywhere for inspiration now!

I took one of her other classes, EQ7 Drawing: Appliqué Blocks and Motifs. I learned techniques and many little tricks to getting the best applique and motif blocks drawn. I actually worked on one the other night where I created the motif in EQ Stitch and was very happy with the result. Now to try it on my embroidery machine. Here is the pic of it:

I have to post a photo of the 5" x 7" mini landscape I made in Lenore Crawford's class on the last day. She calls her technique Mini Blended Fabric Collages. It is a mosic technique. The fabric is cut and repositioned just over the piece next to it. Everyone in the class had a blast...and we all went away with a project we were proud of. Now to mount it.

Do check out the information about the EQ7 Seasons Row Along by clicking the button below.

Find out about all the wonderful rows that are being created for you to download...Free! 
And the giveaways, too. 
There is a Facebook group you can join HERE. Put in a request to join.